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A NEWLY-launched public water dispenser has made its way to Margaret River to offer people cold, fresh water and a chance to help their environment.
Installed by ProAcqua Australia outside the Margaret River Tourist Information Centre, the machine allows people to refill their own water bottles with still or sparkling water.
The cost is 25 cents per 500ml and people pay using a smartcard that can be bought from the information centre for $10.
The company's Joe Muscara said the main aim of the high tech, Italian-made machine was to help combat the worldwide issue of plastic waste and especially save marine life from suffering as rubbish was dumped in the ocean.
He also spoke of the water's benefit on human health, stating it was sourced and filtered directly from the main water system and therefore avoided the chemicals involved with plastic packaging.
"The machine also features a 37-inch monitor which can be used for information and advertising, providing a revenue for the location," Mr Muscara said.
The first water machine was installed in Forrest Place, Perth, in August and ProAcqua plans for many more through working together with Australian environmentalist Jon Dee (the founder of Planet Ark and Do Something).
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