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ProAcqua offers innovative solutions for the access of public drinking water. 

We address the global problem of pollution caused by plastic bottles offering real alternatives to bottled water through Water Refill Stations ( WRS ) located in both outdoor plazas and streets of the city as well as undrcover public or private places.
Since its founding in 2005, ProAcqua has designed and produced in Italy, high tech and hygienic water refill stations. Initially we began in the domestic market, we then moved to the professional market (restaurants, hotels and schools) and then to the public market in 2010 (squares, streets, subways, universities).

The  ProAcqua refill stations provide high quality, chilled water,  either in still or sparkling at a fraction of the cost of bottled water.
ProAcqua needs & offers a partnership in taking a share of responsibility in defending Mother Earth by following the guiding principles of:
Success, Innovation and Ethics.

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